About Me

My interest in photography was sparked back in 1976 when I was given a clunky and heavy Russian Zenit-E 35mm SLR as a birthday present.

It gave me the chance to learn, from an early age, the skills and techniques necessary to take good photographs.

I progressed to Pentax cameras and lenses, enhancing my skills, developing and printing my own black and white images.

After experimenting with video for a while, I decided to return to my original interest in the still image.

The transition to digital brought new challenges and having invested in high specification digital technology from Nikon, I now have the opportunity to offer you my expertise and knowledge.

My aim is simple; to provide a quality service with attention to detail at an affordable price.

When it come to your special day, confidence in the photographer is as important as the financial outlay. If you would like to know more, please feel free to contact me.

Ewan F Ramage